The Feathers

Travel Photos

December 25, 2012 A Visual Year in Review. Truly appreciate your reading Lucia’s Symposium. Best to you all. Lucia                                    


Northern England O !

November 1, 2012 We returned to the royal throne of kings, the sceptered isle, after three decades to find that even in late October its cities and historic towns were overwhelmed with tourists. And so many from The Orient!  Our England is always the countryside, the counties, the gardens, the foliage, the farms, the fells and […]


Golfing in Gaylord

  August 1, 2012   Treetops in Gaylord The relentless heat propelled us 350 miles north to Gaylord, Michigan, 20 degrees cooler, into absolutely beautiful countryside. Accompanied by The Golfer we quickly discovered that golf courses are among the most stunning landscaped settings in the civilized world. Disregarding those sandy depressions called bunkers there we […]

Blue RIdge Mountains

Maryland, Monticello

  July 10, 2010 Apologies for the delay in posting but travelling east in the summer inferno of 2012 was enervating to say the least. The single most unforgettable image of the excursion was the alarming 115 on the car’s temperature gauge en route from D.C. to Richmond, Virginia. Sans blague. We drove from Chicago […]

On Sarasota Bay

Sarasota and South

March 25, 2012 The gigantic oaks on Sarasota Bay spewed unprecedented yellow clouds of pollen, months early. Worst allergy season and hottest March on record. What’s happening? We laughed at Al Gore, maybe because he was Al Gore, but is this global warming or is it just the usual cyclical weather changes since recorded time? No […]